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Film Review – Long Walk To Freedom

Film Review - Long Walk To Freedom

A relative of mine suggested I go and see the new Mandela film, titled Long Walk To Freedom. I took her advice – thanks Janette! – and went to the cinema the IMC in the Square in Tallaght Dublin 24, on Sunday 5th January last.

The ticket in to see the film was a mere €7.00 the cheapest I paid in a long time and it was during the day as I mentioned. It was adapted from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography and the film itself was directed by Justin Chadwick.

Idris Elba got to play Mandela and Naomie Harris played Winnie, Mandela’s wife. Before I went in I thought to myself how the hell could anyone portray Nelson Mandela’s complete life in a film of 141 minutes, or 2 hours and 11 minutes to be exact, when in reality it took Nelson 90 odd years to live it?

Well guess what, they pulled it off. The film starts when Mandela is a young lad, he then parts from his Mama goes through some African tradition’s that when he enters he is a boy when he finishes he is a man. It’s some kind of period where he and all the other lads are painted white with body paint they then go in the water and it washes off them. They go in a boy and come out of the water a man.

He then starts life as a Solicitor, joins a group called ANC, and begins to speak out about the White man & Black man rule. Nelson and some other members of ANC start to blow up Electric Tower Stations and Gas stations to demonstrate. They decide to use force if needed after several peaceful protesters are murdered by the then police and army. Mandela is caught and put on trial with a least 7 other members of ANC.

Realizing his fate he and the others enter a guilty plea, and by doing this he thinks he, and his Co’s think they will be given the death penalty, instead the Judge sentience him and his CO to life imprisonment. While Mandela is serving his first two years, his wife Winnie is also locked up in solitary for nearly 2 years then she is set free. Mandela and his Co’ are tried as Terrorist . Nelson spent nearly 27 years in prison, with his 1st prison resembling a slave labour camp.

This film is a must see film. It is acted out very well, as the film progresses, the audience are brought from one era to another, from the 60’s to the 90’s with cars, TV sets you name it.

9 out of 10 – its very good, go and catch it. It’s only released for less than 2 weeks and it has been nominated for 10 different awards, from acting to directing. Also, U2 who do the main title to the film ‘Ordinary Love’, are also nominated. Well done U2.

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