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To tie in with the ‘Footsteps In Time’ article about the Phoenix Park in this edition, we thought might take a little visit to the zoo.

You may recall the weather I mean the really hot weather we had at the end of May this year, On Friday 25th May I took myself to the Zoo paid the entrance fee of €15.50 and was given a map and off I went. I started my self guided tour at 11.40am first port of call was the Tigers and the Snow Leopards who despite their vicious reputation, looked quite friendly…well at least from behind the big glass wall! Next after them was the Raccoons, which were pleasant enough just to look at and because the sun was so strong a lot of the animals chose to stay indoors in the shade much to the dismay of the crowds especially the young ones. I then visited the Apes who looked a little fed up, they weren’t moving around much either.

So I was delighted when I reached the California Sea Lions, at least these guys know how to put on a show, especially when they are getting fed. I asked a member of the Dublin Zoo staff, of which there were plenty around, to inquire what time they were been fed. However, to my dismay I was told because one of the females, “Seana”, only gave birth to a cub two days before I arrived, it was felt that all the activity with the sea lions getting fed may cause upset for the new arrival.

As the Zoo is huge I took my time and went from one pen to another, I passed the Hyenas, Wild Dogs, the Bears, white collared Mangabeys, and then the Chimpanzees Island. They were having the time of their lives bouncing around like kids on a play ground. I was shocked when I was informed that they were all brothers and sisters and I was more shocked when I found out that some of them are heading into their 40’s, and 50’s. Two particularly young looking chimps called Wendy and Betty were 50 and 60 respectively! As a treat the monkeys were given a frozen smoothie. The idea behind this was if you give them a banana they would woof that down in a second or two. However, these ice pops can be placed at the top of their bars and over time the monkeys suck on them till they fit through the bars when they literally go “ape” for them!

I then passed the Giraffes I took a nice few photos of them, also the Rhinos, the Zebras and the Elephants, the heat was really hot and it was starting to get to me so I took to the shade in the Reptile house and I was shocked to come face to face with a huge Python snake! Time to go!

The entry fee was €15.50 but it was well worth it, and it must cost a bomb to feed and look after each animal so it was nice knowing that my entry fee was probably going towards their keep. The zoo that day was packed and the sun must attract people as I couldn’t see any one going in the rain. I did enjoy my visit but I would have liked to have seen the sea lions getting fed, it is sort of the highlight of your visit and some of the attractions in the zoo were closed. But it was lovely to see the huts they built in the zoo it reminded me of Africa it was still worth the visit and we must not forget that the Zoo is celebrating 180 years this year and it’s opened all year around.

You can buy tickets for the year at €110.00 for 1 person or you can buy combine tickets again for the year starting at 165.00 which entitles the pass holder plus up to 6 children. But you would be wise to phone them first in case there are any changes in prices on 01-474-8900 or go on line there is plenty of information on their site. If you have kids and they are under 3 they get in free, it’s well worth going bring the family, bring a picnic there is plenty of picnic areas on site and have a great time!

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