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Chakra Balancing


The chakras originated in India over 4000 years ago by the yogis during deep states of meditation.  They saw each chakra as different colours of lotus flowers which were associated with various parts of the body.  The chakras were discovered in the west by Englishman, Sir John Woodroffe.  He wrote a book called’ The Serpent Power’ in 1918. In it he describes how the kundalini (coiled energy) of the Tantric goddess (devi) is located at the base of the spine, or root chakra, like a sleeping serpent. When the kundalini is awakened, a state of higher consciousness and bliss is encountered.  This has later become known as ‘universal life energy’.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ and this is what chakras are, wheels of energy channelling throughout the body.  The chakras are located at the base of the spine up to the top of the head.

Each chakra moves and rotates at a different vibration and speed. The first chakra (also known as the root chakra) works at the slowest speed and the crown or seventh chakra rotates at the fastest speed.  Each chakra has a different colour, and is stimulated by various gemstones to meet its individualistic use. When the chakras are closed the universal life energy is unable to flow through them, which can result in mental, physical and emotional illnesses. When the chakras are open they spin in a clockwise direction. Certain crystals and gemstones are beneficial for helping to keep them open. Crystals and gemstones positively react to the electricity pulsating through your body and they help to restore and stimulate the stagnant, heavy energy.


The Seven Major Chakras


First Chakra – Root (Muladhara)

This is located at the base of the spine, at the tailbone in the back, and the pubic bone in the front of the body.  It symbolises the need for security, survival and safety.  It is interconnected with Mother Earth and it helps to keep you grounded.  It is the centre for manifesting materialism, success, money and possessions.  When it is closed you may feel anxious, fearful and insecure.  Health conditions such as anorexia, obesity and knee problems can occur.  The parts of the body it represents are the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs (men).  The colour of this chakra is red. The gemstones which help to restore its balance are Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, and Black Tourmaline.

The Second Chakra – Sacral (Swadhisthana)

This is situated in the lower abdomen.   It is the chakra for creativity, intuition, self-worth, friendliness, and confidence.  When the sacral chakra is closed you may feel unmotivated, manipulative, and emotional, have lower back pain, constipation, kidney problems and muscle spasms.  The parts of the body it corresponds to are the kidneys, bladder, large intestine and sexual organs (women).  The colour associated with this chakra is orange. The gemstones which help to open it are Carnelian Agate, Orange Calcite and Tigers Eye.


The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra is located below the breastbone, in the centre behind the stomach.  It represents personal power, ego, anger, strength and impulses.  When it is unbalanced you may feel confused, depressed, unconfident, have digestive difficulties, liver problems, fatigue, and food allergies.  The parts of the body it relates to are the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine and pancreas.  The colour for the solar plexus chakra is yellow.  The gemstones used to harmonise and balance it are Citrine, Topaz, and Yellow Calcite.


The Fourth Chakra – Heart (Anahata)

This chakra is situated behind the breast bone, in front and on the spine, between the shoulder blades in the back.  It is the centre for love, compassion and spirituality.  When the heart chakra is closed you may feel self pity, paranoid, indecisive, hurt, have heart problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficulty in breathing.  The body parts it represents are the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders and upper back.  The colours associated with it are green and pink.  The gemstones which help to open it are Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Watermelon Tourmaline.

Fifth Chakra – Throat (Vishuddha)

The throat chakra is based at the V of the collarbone, in the lower neck. It is for communication in speech, thought, writing, and self expression.  When this is unbalanced you may feel uncommunicative, timid, quiet, lack confidence, be unable to express yourself, have thyroid problems, skin irritations, ear infections, sore throat, back pain and inflammations.  The body parts associated with the throat chakra are the throat, neck, teeth, ears and thyroid gland.  The colour for this chakra is blue.  The gemstones which help to balance it are Aquamarine and Azurite.


The Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye (Anja)

This is situated above the eyes on the centre of the forehead.  It represents psychic ability, intuition, spiritualism and light.  When it is unbalanced you may feel unassertive, fearful of success, have eye problems and headaches.  The body parts associated with it are the eyes, brain, face, lymphatic and endocrine system, The colours for it are purple and dark blue.  The gemstones which help to balance it are Amethyst, Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli.


The Seventh Chakra – The Crown (Sahasrara)

This is located just behind the top of the skull. It is the centre of spirituality, enlightenment, and wisdom.  It enables you to connect with the higher vibrations, (the Divine spirit.) When the crown chakra is closed you may feel frustrated, have negative feelings and emotions, and have migraines and depression.  The body parts for it are the pineal gland, upper skull, cerebral cortex, and skin.  When it is closed, learning problems, lack of spiritual understanding, epilepsy, insomnia, addictions and nervous disorders may occur.  The colours for this chakra are white and purple.  The gemstones which are beneficial for opening it are Clear Quartz Crystal, Oregan Opal and Amethyst.

Keeping your chakras open is vital for your overall health. There are a wide variety of healing treatments available which help to balance them such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, yoga, and many other holistic therapies.

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