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Arms are what we cuddle with to sympathise a loss
And what we use when working to get credit from our boss
And what we hold our children with to cradle them asleep
And help wipe away a teardrop with when we see somebody weep

But other arms can hurt when they’re in the form of guns
And bombs and rockets in armouries with explosive’s by the ton’s
Those arms are never friendly causing destruction everywhere
In the wrong hands they are lethal with the mayhem that they share

It takes both kinds of arms to ignite this kind of fusion
And embracing reasons why we fight can cause so much confusion
But arms can give a hand to shake in a peace agreement deal
And sign an arms embargo which our leaders should gladly seal

Leave weaponry arms to the military who keep us safe and sound
Away from all the evilness this world in past has found
Our bodily arms should help us as we earn our living pay
And cuddle, caress and help us love as we go from day to day

And the world would be a better place no mass killing’s everywhere
And for once we’d have the kind of world for everyone to share
And our children would grow up with a love of an everlasting peace
And all of this could be achieved if the sale of arms should cease

By Tony Gorman

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    The Killing Fields of the Somme 1st July 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    In the fields where once the trenches were
    White crosses stand in place
    Of an inhuman battle fought there
    In that frightening open space

    For the soldiers that died there
    Were just fodder as bullets flew
    As their leaders sat in safety
    While the corpses grew and grew

    Up and over was the call there
    As in mouth a whistle blew
    Fear of being shot for cowardice
    For it happened to quite a few

    As the Somme saw souls ascending
    From those bodies wrecked and torn
    No quarters there was given
    No time to weep or mourn

    Had their leaders got no conscience
    Sending men to suicide
    As the blood flowed from those falling
    In that open countryside

    When the guns at last were silenced
    And the battle scene was seen
    The earth had lost its colour
    A dark red where once was green

    To the men that died we remember you
    And we honour your lives today
    But to those who forced you die there
    All shame should come your way

    On that battle field where crosses stand
    To show that war is wrong
    We hoped a lesson could be learned
    From the battle of the Somme

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony.
    It’s a pleasure to read your work. Hope you’re keeping well!

  3. Tony Gorman says:

    Thanks Eoghan/FRG Admin
    You enhance my poems with the pictures you put to complement them, we make a good team.
    Many thanks

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