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Fountain Youth Unveil Wall Art Piece!

Fountain Youth Unveil Wall Art Piece!

The wall 1

The Fountain Youth Project unveiled their art work last Friday to a sizable crowd of interested locals, TDs and DCC Representatives.  The four paneled piece located at the back of playground on the partition wall between the Basin Street area and St James’ Hospital received much fanfare from the assembled crowd.

The wall 2

Local lads Chad Morrisey, Derek Finnegan, Paul Lennon, Niall Grimes and Aidan May spoke to the crowd about  their work (which they had to get up at 9 am every morning for two weeks to complete). The theme of the art is Basin Street through the ages, the past is representative by the brilliant Marion Mulligan (who sadly passed last year), the present through education leading to a job and the future, represented by adult concerns such as children of one’s own and buying a house.

Youth 1 Youth 2

The lads have done excellent work with our youth workers and the other artist involved fair play to everyone who worked so hard on the piece!  They’ve even inspired our younger artists, as plans for the rest of the partition wall for our junior youth projects have already begun.  Quite literally, watch this space!

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