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Season to Season

A beautiful poem by our resident Poet Tony Gorman about the changing of the seasons, goodbye for now summer. 

My Poem for National Poetry Day

Season to Season. By/ Tony Gorman

All withered and dying are the flowers and the weeds
A time when they all are spreading their seeds
When crops have been cropped and the harvests in store
And the soil will be tilled for the planting of more
And the trees have changed colour as autumn has come
And the chill in the breeze will be hard felt by some
And the evenings close in as the darkness descends
And soon will come winter over villages and fens
For we’ve seen out the summer that brought us so much
And now we must handle the autumnal touch
And get through the winter then welcome the spring
And plant all the seeds and watch the harvests they bring
And just like a clock that goes ticking around
The time in the soil will bring growth from the ground
For its earths evaluation that brings it about
It conquers all weathers both deluges and drought
For we’ve gone through the years and we’ve learned about this
It’s all part of our seasons that we cannot dismiss

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