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Poets Corner: The Hit

the hit - heroin

The stroke it done, the cash in the palm.
I phone one of the many dealer’s, and
Meet them on high
I’m alone in me gaff, this is what I need
I fish out my bag of Tricks, and use the new.

I empty the Q of beige powder on to the spoon,
Mix in some water and some citric,
I light me lighter under Me spoon, as watch it
all turn a golden brown,
I’m singing a song, I don’t know by who
But it’s a happy tune, the mood I’m in
I choose the left arm, and feel up and down
Tapping with my right finger tips.
Like a music hit,
I suck up the golden liquid, from the spoon
And use a filter to wash away any-disasters,
Then the would follow, if it wasn’t clean.

I clinch me fist, and pull the turn-quay, making
Blue lines appear as if they weren’t there.
I have the loose end of the quay gripped
In my teeth.
The other noose wrapped around the elbow of Me arm
I tap again and I happily settle, I choose a brown
spike for the gizmo and clip it into place,
using my knees and table for support
I pierce Me skin with the spike, I don’t feel any pain,
I’m in it for the gain
I let my feelings run amuck
Then I loosen the turn-quay, I give it a little flush,
The blood is pulled into the gizmo and pushed back in.
The tingle feeling around the head, as I flush
And push the plunger, as it was a knife.
This is the hit, I’ve been waiting for.

I pushed the plunger one more time
I’m so happy and pure
and care free.

That is the hit, folks, lets part here,
I need to be alone to enjoy the goof
The next time if we meet, we can do it again
Or maybe not, I may not want company
I’m a survivor, an Addict in this world
Living is easy I can survive living
But been an Addict is different, pure true
Who knows my last hit, could be the last
Doesn’t mean I’m Clean.

Fountain News DigitalThis article was originally published in:
Fountain News Digital – December 2010 (Issue 2)

We are re-publishing all articles from our past newsletter, Fountain News Digital, and you can view all completed newsletters here. There were nine issues published in total between 2010 and 2012.

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