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High Tide to Dublin 31st January 2016


High Tide to Dublin 31st January 2016

Those chimneys of Ringsend with their colours of red and white
Greet the ships sailing into Dublin Quay by daytime and by night
Bringing back long lost friends from countries far and near
Reminding them there will always be a welcome over here

And as the people disembark, their friends greet them with a smile
Happy they’ve come to visit, be it only for a while
Telling them of all the changes since the last time they were here
And how the prices are sky high for the Guinness and the beer

And how the closure of Cleary’s is a loss to everyone
Another like the Metropole to join the past and gone
For old Dublin has been changing over all the past gone years
But in life the new replaces old regardless of fears and tears

But yet the Irish humour carries on without a fail
It’s encrypted in our minds and well indented just like braille
For our souls are green as shamrock and our hearts are filled with love
And our ladies gifted to us from that gentleman above

And our trips from across the waters as the ship docks on the quay
Bring back the thoughts of Dublin and how it used to be
With its air of Molly Malone as you walk along Moor Street
With the dealers and the banter to all the customers they greet

And review the current style as you walk up Grafton Street
And the street artists with their shows giving us all a little treat
And at night we’ll join all our friends in a pub in Temple Bar
For there’s nothing we like better than a good chat and a jar

And when our visit’s over we’ll sail out from Dublin quay
And as we past those historic chimneys standing proud for all to see
We’ll take these memories with us until we return once more
When our Ferry docks again along Old Dublin’s quayside shore

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2 Responses

  1. Tony Gorman says:

    First Snow of winter 4th March 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    I watched the first snowflake’s fall gently in the breeze
    And slowly build on branches as they settled in the trees
    Creating a white outline on those branches big and small
    And artistically crown the mountain peaks like a picture on a wall

    They gathered on the hedgerow like the icing on a cake
    And covered over all the ground around the icy lake
    Creating a beautiful winter scene across the countryside
    Like a heavenly foam carried by breeze upon an airborne tide

    It brought the children out to play throwing snowballs everywhere
    Ignoring chills to hands and feet from the northern breeze they share
    As some snowmen stand in gardens built with a lot of care
    With a carrot fixed as a nose and button eyes that stare

    And sleighs filled with laughing kids as they slide down on the hills
    Never worrying of how cold it gets from the freezing winter’s chills
    They’ll enjoy the time the snow is here in all the games they play
    For tomorrow their snowman will pack his bags and slowly melt away

  2. Admin says:

    A Lovely poem, A cold day! Thanks Tony

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