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And God Created Spring


And God Created Spring

It was a cold January day and the frost it glistened all around
The cows were in the barn with the straw strewn on the ground
And outside a cheerful chirp of a robin in a tree
To tell all that winters here for everyone to see

Then February came and the rain it came as well
A deluge causing flooding from the rivers rising swell
And it soaked across the land causing havoc everywhere
As the river’s burst their banks leaving people in despair

But in March the scene it changed as the sun came out on high
Drying up all soggy fields to show that winters passing by
And the bees they buzzed about and the birds began to sing
And all hearts were filled with joy at the first signs seen of spring

Was it springtime that god created man and all the things on earth?
It had to be around this time to be the season of life’s birth
For the birds they build their nests and the bees come out to fly
And the little lambs are born and we never wonder why

“The Way it was”
As God looked down at the earth and wondered what to do
And set aside a time when loving feelings feel so true
He energised the months of March to May for nature to induce
The feelings in all little minds that in spring they should produce

And the seeds were promptly planted as the winter turned to spring
And the birds they started mating and their songs made woodland’s ring
And the bees they started buzzing as their queen woke from her sleep
And the ram he looked amorous as he mingled with the sheep

And the little sprigs of flower stems push up gently from the soil
And the birds they started nesting, weaving twigs into a coil
And the eggs they graced their nesting place in a hedgerow or a tree
And the margins down below is where the crocus grow free

And the small lambs started leaping and the chicks they peck the ground
And the farmer he is happy knowing that finally springs around
And God will look from heaven knowing all is right on earth
And he’ll be glad he picked the months of spring as the time for giving birth

I love all seasons but I especially love Spring.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Ireland, Ireland, Together Standing Tall by/Tony Gorman 1st March 2015

    Irish eyes were smiling with the English in despair
    And the sounds around the Aviva was ringing in the air
    Shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Irelands call
    And it was with true Irish courage that they made the English fall

    With Saxton as our leader kicking penalties galore
    And the tackles by his teammates leaving opponents bodies sore
    And the supporters dressed in green singing the Fields of Athenry
    And the cheering and the chanting that echoed off the sky

    As Robbie Henshaw scored the try that brought the English to their knees
    And even though they rallied we stood our ground with ease
    It was Connor Murray’s box-kick that sent Henshaw on his way
    To win the try to humiliate the opposition on the day

    Joe Schmidt Irelands coach should be proud of all the team
    As they fought like true warriors to present his ideal dream
    And hopefully they’ll cement their names by their historic glories
    And in the years to follow they’ll be part of folklore stories

    But let’s applaud them for beating our adversary thought to be best
    And for doing it with a lot of style filled with courage strength and zest
    As they united all of Ireland and left us feeling proud
    Singing Irelands Call together and in one voice we sang aloud

    May we wish Jamie Heaslip and all those who incurred any injuries a speedy recovery.
    Many Thanks, to the coach Joe Schmidt and all his backroom staff and to all the team.
    McGrath, Best, Bowe, Kearney, Murphy, Zebo, Moore, O’Brian, Toner, O’Mahony Ross, Sexton, Henshaw, O’ Connell, Payne
    Long may you strike fear in your opposition and continue your winning ways.

  2. JANE GREEN says:

    Loved your poem Tony, it says everything that is wonderful about Spring.

  3. Tony Gorman says:

    The Joy of Fishing 28th May 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    A sport of sport’s in the morning sun
    Out at a lake reflecting all
    The colour of the sky above
    And listening to a skylark call

    The robin with his begging ways
    The fishermen that know him well
    The distant sound that’s in the air
    Of the ringing of an old church bell

    The heron stalking in the reeds
    The little voles swim to and fro
    The swallows flying gracefully
    The hawk that strikes his prey below

    The cuckoo echoing out his sound
    Just like a clock upon a wall
    The chaffinch flying from tree to tree
    Chirping out his chirpy call

    And just before the sun goes down
    The colourers blend in the evening sky
    Of pinks and blues and strands of gold
    A priceless picture you couldn’t buy

    All this is part of the angler’s world
    To boost his day down by the lake
    As he sits there very patiently
    Waiting on the fish to take

    I have been spending some of the wonderful weather we are having relaxing in the countryside.
    I take my fishing rod and my camera and of course my writing pads to write my poems.
    The countryside always inspires me back to carry on with my poetry.
    The Joy of Fishing tells of all those wonderful things seen through the fisherman’s eyes as he sits by a lakeside, I hope you like it.

  4. Tony Gorman says:

    A Lesson in Life 24th July 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Our lives are like the flowers that grow from the tiniest of seeds
    And Mother Nature’s there for them to tender all their needs
    And within her soil she cuddle’s them through all the winters’ snows
    Away from all the dangers of frost when cold winds blows

    And in springtime they grow stronger and their stems they start to show
    As they push up through the topsoil to let everybody know
    And the buds that show upon them are closed and tightly sealed
    With the help of Mother Nature their splendours soon reviled

    And the sun that heats the universe will heat and strengthen all
    And the buds will show their petals opening up to mothers call
    And the blossoms attract attention of all around that see’s
    Like the butterflies so colourful to the humming bumble bee’s

    And in vision like a painting splurging colours everywhere
    With each fragrance hitting nostrils as it wallows in the air
    And like a painter’s pallet with each colour laid out bare
    Amazing to the naked eye of the beauty earth can share

    And we as mere mortals can benefit from this
    Of the lessons that we learn from a Mother Nature’s kiss
    For each flower will live in harmony regardless of its size
    And the colours all are different bringing pleasure to our eyes

    If only mankind could do the same with colour and with creed
    Our lives would be harmoniously in thought and word and deed
    And like the flowers we’d blossom in a world of peace for all
    Blending nations of all colourers to a world’s united call

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