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A Storm called Frank

storm frank 2

On a flood soaked plain they tried in vain
To stop the river’s rising high
With sandbags filling weakened banks
As the rain clouds hovered in the sky

The winds they raised to gale-force strength
And the heavens opened wide
The seas became a turbulent force
At the rising of the tide

Immersed with sea and heavy rain
The waters pushed inshore
As the people prayed for calmness
But alas it rained much more

And the waters filled the rivers
Overflowing them everywhere
Engulfing people’s houses
Leaving them in much despair

For the waters drowned the bridges
And forced them to succumb
As the bricks and concreted crumbled
With a crashing crunching boom

And those stranded and in danger
Tried their best to stay alive
As the valiant rescue services
Helped those people to survive

As the water’s height rescinded
Showing the damage it left behind
And community spirits lifted
By the helpers of all kind

For the resilience of the people
Showed their courage beyond compare
As they cleaned up all the debris
With new hope for all to share

And they’ll pray to the lord of nature
For their future years ahead
That the storm’s will keep their distance
Leaving happy days instead

May I wish everyone who visits the FRG site a very happy New Year.
And to all those poor people who suffered from the recent storms and floods may the New Year ease your suffering and help you return to normality, my heart and prayers goes out to you in your plight.


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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    David Bowie a final trip for The Starman 14th January 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    Ground control to Major Tom
    David was here but now he’s gone
    He took his leave upon our planet
    To be immortalised in clay and granite

    In the earth he will remain
    A hidden illness was to blame
    On a tombstone they’ll scribed his name
    And Ziggy Stardust’s claim to fame

    Above it all his soul will rise
    Past the dark and turbulent skies
    On his journey out in space
    With a coloured zig zag on his face

    As our Starman took his leave
    Not intending us to grieve
    He kept his illness to the last
    Leaving memories of his past

    So ground control to Major Tom
    We all miss him now he’s gone
    Ziggy Stardust lies in rest
    Hands held high across his breast

    Now his journey to the stars
    Flies past Jupiter and Mars
    Past the Sun and past the Moon
    As heaven knows he’s coming soon

    The red carpet‘s laid down just for him
    God he waits with a welcome grin
    For he knows David’s gig is on
    Predestined here by Major Tom

    So ground control your job is through
    For David has left his song’s for you
    His life here was not in vain
    Knowing all his music will remain

  2. Admin says:

    As always you capture the moment perfectly, an excellent tribute, thanks Tony!

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