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What’s happening in the Fountain Youth?

I have always believed that the Fountain is like a big old Oak tree, which has several branches providing vital services to the Dublin 8 area, and beyond. Last week I headed around to the Fountain Youth Group Club which is housed in a building next to the St James’ Secondary school on Basin Lane.... 

Fountain Crèche & Playschool Sports Day

It was all fun and games recently at the Fountain Resource Group Wee-Tots and the Crèche sports day. The sun didn’t make an appearance but then neither did the rain. All the children who attended the event were awarded with their own prize medal and a cert. The day was also attended by all the children’s... 

Kids World Cup Pictures

The creativity in our Junior Youth project knows no bounds, here’s what the little computer wiz kids offered up for the world cup.   Some intricate work here considering the ages involved! Billy Age 6 John Age 9   By Holly age 6     Tadgh age 5      Read More »

Our Junior Youth have been discovering the Globe for Brazil 2014

  We got our little keyboard warriors in the spirit of the World Cup to tell us a little about their favourite country.  A Fountain Junior Youth Fact finging mission if you will. Brazil by John Brazil is the largest country in South America. The Name Brazil comes from a tree named Brazil wood. It... 


While I am very conscience not to break the memorandum preventing any media outlet to speak on the election itself, nor would this community group take any political side.  I would just like to encourage everyone to vote no matter what their political hue.  The European elections are becoming increasingly... 

Easter Pictures from Our Junior Youth – A Collection

  Every year at this time we get our Junior Youth Computer Classes to doddle some pictures for the Easter time, not only is this a great demonstration of creativity but it also hones computer skills at early age (4 – 7yrs).  Computers are becoming increasingly important to a person’s job... 

Easter Stories – Shauna Age 8 – Me and the Easter Bunny

One day on Easter morning, the Easter bunny came to my house with a gold key and when he left my Easter eggs he left the gold key but the key was made of chocolate. When the Easter bunny left he banged the door so I put shoes on. Then I ran after the Easter bunny. When I followed him he said that if... 

Easter Stories – Kyle Age 7

Once upon a time on Easter Eve I was woken up by the Easter bunny and she gave me a big fright. She asked me to go on a ride and I said can I go to your house please? She said I have to deliver Easter eggs to the children. I said “Ok then I’ll help you”.   I helped her deliver Easter eggs to... 

Reel Youth Star makes Love/Hate Debut!

  Our very own Keith Fitzpatrick will be making his TV acting debut on the set of Love/Hate for its new season this autumn.  Keith was talent spotted by RTE after he starred in “First Impressions”, a Fountain Youth produced film last October (read more here).  The movie was shown in the Irish... 

Happy St Patrick From Mias Age 8

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Rebekas Age 5

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Shane Age 6

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James Age 6

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Calvin Age 6

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John age 9

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Jake Age 5

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Leyton Age 8

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Taigh Age 7

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Picture from Clayton age 7 and a story from Natalie

St Patricks St Patrick was born in 385ad. He was from Wales. His real name was Magonus Sagcatus. He was kidnapped at the age of 16 by pirates. They took him to Ireland and made him a slave. God told him to escape in his dream and he came back to Britain. He became a priest and then became a bishop.... 
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